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Gracie’s Playground Has Moved
August 10, 2010, 3:34 pm
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well my friends it’s about that time for me to be a big-girl sex blogger and have my very own domain.

with the wonderful help of Greg Barnett & William Rozner at Rock ‘n Motion, you will notice my blog has moved over pretty seamlessly.

for the subscribers of this blog, i was able to transfer you over to the new blog so there is no need to resubscribe.

if you have this blog listed on your blog roll or as a link, please update the url to:

thank you all for your support & orgasms and i hope you continue to enjoy the filth that spews from my brain.


parted lips
August 5, 2010, 3:29 pm
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it all started with an email…

him: Very hard and ready to go.

me: that’s a terrible shame. terrible.

him: If you were here, you would so be being fucked right now.

me: you shouldn’t tease a lady in heat… just saying.

him: Who’s teasing?

me: now i really can’t work with thoughts of fucking pounding in my head.

him: What are you going to do about it?

me: i’m going to sit here flushed with dreamy eyes and parted lips and attempt to do this work while listening to music that makes me wanna fuck till i can’t stand it anymore. then i’ll get my fully charged vibrator out and come harder than i have came in the last few days.

so i sat in my chair. my skin was burning and my cunt aching. this week has been pure torment knowing i wasn’t going to be fucked this weekend. so, i reminisce on past encounters and encounters to be had. this new man, this man that i have been emailing for what seems like weeks now, this man drawing out of me this need to come, this need to take care of it, right now.

breathing has quickened.

my heart races.

i lay on the bed and let the pillows envelope me. my hand reaches for the vibrator, i push it between my legs and close my eyes. my body hums, my mind spins and i lick my lips. my teeth bite my bottom lip as my body is in tuned with my racing thoughts. me left hand grips the edge of the mattress and my back arches. i stopped breathing, i’m outside of my body for mere splits of a second. as my back settles i start to gasp for breath and the tears stream from my eyes.

this is bitter sweet and miserable. this is me yearning. this is me not being fulfilled physically. this is a weakened bridge to hold me over till i am sated once more.

anal sex
August 3, 2010, 8:19 pm
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on my stomach i laid, wearing new satin-like black panties. he was beside me with a hand rubbing the material against my ass and i was being drawn to him like a magnet. fingers started to rub the crevice pushing against my asshole and linger down my cunt. my breath quickened when he pushed the fabric aside and pushed a finger inside my cunt. i let out a whimper as he pushed against my g-spot. his finger slipped out and rubbed against the entrance to my ass. carefully his finger pushed inside and i shuddered feeling the wetness seep. he was working my ass to accommodate his cock and i stayed still feeling each push and pull.

my panties were pulled down and off and i started to pant in anticipation. i was so nervous and yet so excited; i had been waiting for this moment for years and with him. lube saturated my ass and his finger pushed inside again and i was moaning with every in and out. when his finger left i felt his cock press against the tightness of my ass. i gasped as he methodically pushed the head of his cock inside and we stayed still as it crept every so steadily. when i felt the pain cease i slammed my ass back against and i think that threw him off a little yet that split second of confusion resulted in him thrusting in and out of me.

all of my focus on the cock pushing in and out of my ass. my head buried into the bed, my hands gripping at the sheets and i was in ecstasy. this very moment i had been fantasizing about as i watched porn, masturbated and written.

“fuck me!” i said over and over.

he fucked my ass harder and the wetness was pooling in my cunt.

“cum in my ass,” i chanted. his body was shaking as i breathlessly recited.

his hands gripped my ass and i tightened my ass around his cock.

“cum in my ass,” i cried into the mattress.

the shaking became more violent as his cock let loose his seed deep in my virgin ass. his body fell upon mine and i locked my legs around him keeping him in my ass till his cock inched out. we panted together in unison as his cock leisurely fell out of my ass.

i love being fulfilled and more over, i love when he satisfies my desires.

Thank you Fleshbot!

say it
July 19, 2010, 9:17 pm
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my ass was sitting in the air with my head down. his one hand had fingers buried inside my cunt and the other was rubbing and grabbing at my ass. i was waiting for him to start to hit me and it lingered.

“do you want me to spank you?” he asked.

“yyyes,” i said breathlessly into the iron head board.

“say it,” he replied.

for a split second i was was surprised and without much thought i muttered, “spank me.”

“say spank me please,” he answered gripping on my cheek.

“spank me, please,” i barely let out of my mouth.

he started spanking me and i closed my eyes basking in the pain. turning him into a sadist and letting him explore inflicting pain upon has seems so much more rewarding than just finding someone that gets off on it. it’s a slow progression that leads to a much more rewarding outcome.

July 5, 2010, 4:00 pm
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Into the Graceful Dark

Somewhere out there in the digital wilderness she sits anonymous and naked at her keyboard baring her soul to us, her readers. She offers up her sins to an audience of would-be confessors, her truths, her desires, and does so with playful brutality. Her online moniker plays well with her written words—no capital letters, please—which bring us inside her mind and allows us to experience her exploits.

She streams her not-so-secret thoughts and desires to us via WordPress, Tumblr, facebook and Twitter. Raw words and raw flesh splayed out for thousands of followers and delivered directly to our eyes and imaginations through social media sites. But who is Dark Gracie and where did she come from?

read more

(please read Alex’s amazing interview of me and please leave a comments over on Pop Syndicate. i have been very excited about this interview for months now because it allowed me to dig deep in my brain and pull out some really good thoughts. thank you Alex for making me think, you are a great interviewer!)

June 30, 2010, 7:39 pm
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he was behind me playing with my nipples, our legs were tangled and i was coming against his thigh. i had positioned my ear next to his mouth so i could feel him breathing against my ear. i was focused on what he was doing to my nipples when he spoke softly.

“are you hungry?”

the words didn’t really register to me. i knew we hadn’t eaten yet and it was already late into the day. i tried to speak but words wouldn’t come out only packets of breaths or little moans. as i tried to answer him i had managed another orgasm as he played with my left nipple. i kept pushing against his wet thigh and gripping him or the bed or the broken head board.

“y-y-yeah, what do you feel like?” i manged to formulate as clearly as i could as he did not back off on playing with me.

he seemed a little startled at an actual response.

“i kinda forgot about food, i was distracted.” he answered.

i chuckled slightly. he continued playing and i continued coming.

it really didn’t matter what he was saying to me because just hearing the calmness of his voice in my ear was adding to the sensation of his touch. i kept coming.

when the intensity calmed down we laid there.

“if i didn’t know any better, you were coming from me just playing with your nipples.” he said.

“yes, i do.”

“you are the only woman i have ever been with that can come that way.” (mind you has been with MANY) he said to me.

“really?” i am surprised because i know how many women he has been with.

“yes and i have never been with someone that can orgasm as much as you do,” he told me.

i am pretty sure i am blushing a little by now.

the whole weekend was a blur of sex, fingering, kissing, sucking, gagging and swallowing. the bed was pretty much always soaked beyond belief and i can’t count the number of showers i had to take or the crazy sex hair i had all weekend that needed to be pulled back in a rubber band.

what i do know, is i needed a long of weekend of food and sex. it’s never enough and it always ends too soon. lucky me, i get another long weekend and it starts Friday again.

Thank you Fleshbot!

June 10, 2010, 11:01 pm
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the door was wide open and we lay there in the dark. there was someone in the living room and yet we started making out. we kissed and we groped. there were times when a moan would slip out. the thought of someone catching us, walking by the room or even hearing us was making me crazy. i wanted to see how far we could go.

the tension, the need and the lack of alone time was taking its toll. we climbed underneath the sheet and he pulled his jeans down. we tugged my sweats and panties down and spooned. sex on his bed like the way we normally do it would mean the whole neighborhood knew what we were doing. however we found that spooning and fucking didn’t make the bed creak at all. he pushed his cock between my legs and inside my cunt. i let out a deep breath. feeling him inside me makes my world right. i pushed back against him wanting him deep in me. i started to push and pull away from him, i went faster and faster. i pulled his hand to my mouth to keep me from flat out screaming. i sucked his thumb as we fucked with silent skill.

our breathing was growing heavier and there were several times i let out a sigh or groan. sometimes i would take his hand and cover my mouth to keep me from crying out to the world. he started to jerk against me as he came in me. i clenched his cock with my cunt holding on to him. i we laid there still catching our breath and calming down. slowly his cock inched its way out of me.

for all of the frustration, lack of privacy and most of all lack of fucking. i have to say we managed sex when we shouldn’t have and i have to be thankful for that. also, sex when you shouldn’t be having it took me back to my teenage years when i would sneak a boy in my room to play. the risk, the thrill…it’s all the more wet it makes me.

Thank you Fleshbot!